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New Under the Volt

01. 51 1º Esq.
02. Short Punk Movie
03. Holliday
04. Who's Zed?
05. Five Hundred Files
06. New Under the Volt
07. Cadillac Crab
08. Anax
09. Sofa in Adventure
10. Misfit Machine
11. Rabbit Murder
Faixas bónus:
12. Slow Soldier Vs Flat Opak
13. NMTV [Remix]

- Edição: 2007, Thisco / F.M. Lisboa
- Masterização: Luís van Seixas
- Remisturas:
  Faixa 12: Ferrino
  Faixa 13: QWERTY
- Design gráfico: Miguel Seixas


If you have grown tired of banal beats and similar sounds then “New Under The Volt” is the refreshing break that you are looking for: particular, pleasurable and worthy of partaking.
- George Caruso (Connexion Bizarre, Portugal)
Slow Soldier is one of the electronica magicians from the Thisco label and he really knows how to create hectic, heavily layered and catchy electro tunes.
- (Best Tips, Alemanha)



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