Symptom of Thisease

01. Bio: The Distant Images of the
      Abstract Light
02. Cría Cuervos: Forêt, Forêt,
      Des Yeux Fourmillent
03. The Beautiful Schizophonic: Her
      Heart is a Room Full of Drones
04. The Beautiful Schizophonic:
      Soul Scanner
05. The Beautiful Schizophonic:
      Girl in Ecstatic Peace

- Edição: 2005, Thisco / F.M. Lisboa
- Produção executiva: Luís van
- Design gráfico: Paulo Romão Brás
- Fotografia: Jorge Mantas



This split CD between Bio, Cría Cuervos and The Beautiful Schizophrenic is a mixed bag of delights [...]
- (The Wire, Reino Unido)
[...] music that disturbs by its exquisite darkness.
- (Loop, Chile)


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