Give Me Ambiguity or
Give Me Something Else

01. Mikroben Krieg: Ambiguity
02. shhh...: Breakdown
03. Sciencia: Corroted Copernic
04. Mikroben Krieg: Integrity
05. Mikroben Krieg: Sensuality
06. shhh...: On a Nervous Fringe
07. Mikroben Krieg: Axis Mundi
08. shhh...: The Thief
09. Sciencia: Rinse
10. Sciencia: Psychometer
11. Sciencia: At the Gate [Remix]
12. shhh...: Déjà-Vu
13. Mikroben Krieg: Maturity
14. Sciencia: Loverdose
15. shhh...: Mathematics [Remix]


- Edição: 2004, Thisco / F.M. Lisboa
- Remisturas:
  Faixa 07: Sciencia
  Faixa 11: shhh…
  Faixa 15: Mikroben Krieg
- Masterização: Luis van Seixas
- Design gráfico: João Diogo

While it’s probably fair to say that if you like such things as Black Lung, Cdatakill and early Download, you’ll like at least a couple of these bands, that’s not because they sound like any of those, more because of a (somewhat nebulous) shared attitude. Give them a try.
- Andrew Clegg (Connexion Bizarre, Portugal)
[...] it's bread for those who have been electronic-aficionados for a long time.
- Andrea Ferraris (Chain DLK, Itália)


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