Electronic Thisturbance

01. Von Magnet: Hambar Prayer
      Number 1
02. Izu + MTC: Weet
03. GX Jupitter-Larsen: Her Moans
      Were Grinding Against His Utricle
04. Terre Thaemlitz: Night Watch
05. Jarboe: Value
06. Francisco López: SRTT-946
07. Rasal.Asad + Sci-Fi Industries:
      Only Holy
08. Telepherique: Cold World
09. Wild Shores: Le Corps & L'âme
10. Phil Von: Et Si

- Edição: 2004, Thisco / F.M. Lisboa
- Masterização: Luís van Seixas
- Design gráfico: João Diogo


A lot of labels just throw artists together without any planning or consideration to the thought that some artists’ work shouldn’t be placed next to each other, or even on the same compilations as the contrast in sound would detract from the listening experience. It’s nice to see that this is not the case on Electronic Thisturbance.
As painful as it is to finally give a perfect score, Electronic Thisturbance rates a five out of five habanero peppers. Very good music!
- Ethan Cohen (Connexion Bizarre, Portugal)
It's time to set the “repeat all” button on your cd-player to enjoy a mesmerizing journey into human emotions over and over again.
- (Intro, Alemanha)


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