01. Ideosphre
02. Potlatch
03. Akshun
04. Otaku
05. Cool Ture
06. Earworm
07. Vidiots
08. Simulacra

- Edição: 2003, Thisco / F.M. Lisboa
- Masterização: Luis van Seixas
- Design gráfico: Carlos Proença


The inventive and subtle compositions in “Asuna” do not have to be ‘listened to’ as, upon hearing, they will effortlessly insinuate themselves into one’s mind.
- Miguel de Sousa (Connexion Bizarre, Portugal)
[...] belissima electrónica de embalar.
- (Blitz, Portugal)
[...] it has been a long time, a very long time, since one had not listened to something of similar [...]
- (Coda, França)
[...] the quality from what i have only just discovered is exceptionally high.
- (Modern Dance, Reino Unido)
[...] un disque qui compense la sécheresse des univers eléctroniques modernes [...]
- (Feardrop, França)


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